Travel Round-Up: 6 Global Travel News Updates You Can’t Miss

by Mallika Khurana
Travel Round-Up: 6 Global Travel News Updates You Can’t Miss

Embarking on a global journey, our travel news unfold with tales of enchanting winter wonderlands, the birth of islands from the depths of the sea, geological unrest, symphonies of blossoms, celestial explorations, and the sky shake-up in France. Here are the most pertinent and intriguing developments from around the world that are shaping the travel landscape. So buckle up and get ready to stay informed on the ever-evolving world of travel!”

Global Travel News

1. Enchanting Winter Bliss Takes Over Kashmir

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As Kashmir witnesses the first snowfall of the season, Gulmarg emerges as a captivating winter haven. The skiing capital of India, draped in fresh snow layers, beckons travellers during the festive season. According to the Times of India, beyond Gulmarg, Gurez Valley and other locales are also blanketed with approximately 6 inches of pristine snow. The allure of snowfall, coupled with the ongoing Diwali vacations, is expected to draw snow enthusiasts from across the globe to the picturesque landscapes of Kashmir.

2. Icelandic Earthquakes And Flight Operations

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Amidst heightened fears of a volcanic eruption in Iceland, flights from the UK to Keflavik International Airport continue without disruption. Despite increased seismic and volcanic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula, the Foreign Office advises travellers to monitor local media for updates. As per The Independent, evacuations in Grindavík and road closures mark the geological unrest, yet airlines like easyJet, British Airways, and Icelandair maintain normal flight operations.

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3. The Cherry Blossom Festival 2023 In Shillong

Shillong gears up for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival from November 17–19, promising a visual spectacle with pink and white blossoms. The RBDSA Sports Complex in Mawlasnai hosts a stellar lineup, featuring Ronan Keating, Ne-Yo, and DJ Jonas Blue. Beyond music, the festival encompasses graffiti contests, art installations, karaoke, and choir competitions, creating a vibrant celebration of culture, music, and the ethereal charm of Shillong.

4. NASA’s Rocket Ventures Into Alaskan Aurora

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Photo Credits: NASA/Website

NASA’s DISSIPATION mission takes flight from Alaska’s Poker Flat Research Range, capturing data on auroras’ influence on atmospheric heating and high-altitude winds. The mission seeks to unravel the mysteries of auroral impacts on Earth’s atmosphere. Another venture, BEAM-PIE, by Los Alamos National Laboratory, plans to launch a sounding rocket to measure the atmospheric modulation of radio waves. These missions contribute crucial insights for interpreting diverse scientific measurements.

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5. Thousands Of Flights Grounded In 2024 In France

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France braces for the cancellation of around 16,500 flights from major airports (Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget, and Beauvais) between January 9 and February 14, 2024. The massive overhaul of outdated air traffic control systems, in use since the ’70s, demands a 20% reduction in flight programs. According to TimeOut, long-distance routes may take precedence as the aviation industry copes with disruptions. Despite inconveniences, a €1 billion investment aims to modernise and enhance France’s air traffic control infrastructure.

6. Japan Has A New Island After Underwater Volcano’s Fury

A nameless island, approximately 100 metres in diameter, has surfaced near Japan’s Ogasawara island chain since the underwater volcano eruption in late October. This remarkable event sheds light on Earth’s dynamic geological processes, revealing the island’s formation through explosive phreatomagmatic eruptions. As per the Times of India reports, the eruption, lasting ten days, led to the accumulation of volcanic material, resulting in the birth of this newly formed island.

These global travel news stories reveal the intricate mosaic of our shared world.

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