Count On An Expert’s Pumped-Up Diwali Drink And Pairing Guide For An Extraordinary Celebration

by Mallika Khurana
Count On An Expert’s Pumped-Up Diwali Drink And Pairing Guide For An Extraordinary Celebration

As the festive lights twinkle and the aroma of Diwali delicacies fills the air, the quest for the perfect libation to accompany the celebration becomes a delightful pursuit. Renowned Drinks Writer, Educator, and Consultant, Rojita Tiwari, guides us through a tantalising journey of spirits and flavours, offering insights that promise to make this Diwali an unforgettable symphony for the senses. From the allure of unique cask-finished single malts to the elegance of premium white spirits like Mezcal and sake, her recommendations will set the stage for a celebration that transcends the ordinary. Let this be your spirited guide to a Diwali celebration that transcends the ordinary!

Here’s What An Expert Swears By For Your Diwali Bash!

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For a festive Diwali celebration, Rojita Tiwari suggests exploring unique and premium options to elevate your drink selection. Consider showcasing single malts with distinctive cask finishes and indulge in premium white spirits like Mezcal and sake. Tiwari emphasises, “If you are looking to impress your guests with your whisky collection, opt for the single malts with unique cask finishes. Premium and super-premium white spirits, especially drinks like Mezcal and sake, are highly recommended.”

When it comes to alcohol and food pairings, Tiwari suggests aligning the flavour profiles of drinks and the Diwali feast. According to her, “An off-dry white wine could pair well with the salty snacks, while a heavy main course (especially spicy non-vegetarian preparations) can be paired with champagne or prosecco.”

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Crafting The Ultimate Diwali Drink Experience

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To cater to diverse preferences, Tiwari suggests a range of options. Light drinkers can enjoy Lager beers, white wine, or light reds like Merlot or Pinot Noir. For those seeking more serious options, she recommends a playful approach with Gin & Tonic variations or presenting a DIY garnish table. 

For pairing wines with Indian cuisine, she suggests following the order of service, starting with champagne or sparkling wine with starters, white wine with the first course, and full-bodied red wines with heavy meat or vegetarian dishes. To add a fun twist, Tiwari adds, “However, as mentioned earlier, it’s fun to pair a spicy main course with a sparkling wine.”

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A Guide To Diwali’s Festive Drink Symphony

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To create a Diwali-themed drink menu, she encourages incorporating local ingredients into the festivities. She recommends a sangria menu with white and red options infused with Indian sweet spices. A gin cocktail menu featuring G & T with rose petals, a turmeric-washed gin-based Negroni, and a Martini with holy basil essence is also a great option.

She says, “If you are thinking of serving wine, go for a sangria menu with options of white and red sangria with a touch of Indian sweet spices added to the mix. Or, opt for Gin as the base and create a gin cocktail menu with G & T (rose petals), Negroni (turmeric-washed gin as the base), and Martini (holy basil) prepared using the essence of Diwali spreads.”

Lastly, for pairing with the general wine and whiskies Indians love stocking for Diwali, Tiwari suggests pairing Indian salty snacks and kababs with wine. For a unique twist, she recommends pairing whisky with traditional sweets like kalakand, gujia, and dry fruits. She also highlights that a port or sherry cask-finished single malt with kaju katli might just be the perfect combination.

Here’s to an unforgettable Diwali, where expert-approved libations and culinary alchemy create a tapestry of moments!

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