Indians Travelling To UK Will Not Need A Transit Visa For All European Countries

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indians Travelling To UK Will Not Need A Transit Visa For All European Countries

The absence of a transit visa has prevented many Indian nationals from boarding flights in India on their way to the UK. In a story published last week, a portal outlined some good alternatives to the extra hassle for affected and prospective travellers. However, it is now known that not all countries in the EU have imposed additional visa requirements and Indians travelling to the UK will not need a transit visa. 

Only Four Countries Ask For Transit Visa

The requirement of a transit visa does not apply to all the countries in the EU while flying to the UK. Only four EU  countries namely the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and France. There were almost no flights taking Indian passengers to the UK via France, Germany, the Czech Republic, or Spain due to strict COVID rules and also India’s suspension of international flights. Passengers have felt the effects of the transit visa since the South Asian country abandoned all bilateral air bubble arrangements and began welcoming all international carriers with open arms.

Other Options For Travellers

Only four countries ask for transit visas and that is a piece of good news as there are many other options. Travellers can avoid Lufthansa and Air France flights as no other carrier fly to India from Spain or the Czech Republic. The other airlines will hold an advantage and these two airlines will keep losing customers until they keep their requirements in place. 

Opting For Direct Flights

Indian passengers should not be concerned because the United Kingdom is still well connected to nearly all major airports in India. Air India, Vistara, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights to and from London, with connecting flights available via airport hubs in the Gulf and some EU nations such as the Netherlands.

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