India’s First Chikoo Winery Close To Mumbai

by Kritika Kukreja
India’s First Chikoo Winery Close To Mumbai

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Fruzzante is India’s first winery that prepares wines out of Chikoo fruit and it is located in Dahanu, only 3 hours from Mumbai. 

What Is It?

We’ve all been to winery where the wines are richly prepared from grapes. But chikoo fruit? India’s first winery is here to present some chikoo wine for you. Fruzzante in Dahanu is only 3 hours away from Mumbai (one hour from Pune). The renowned Dahanu-Gholvad chikoo fruits are used to prepare this wine. But who came up with this brilliant idea?

The winery is owned and run by a family of farmers who created the first chikoo wine. You can visit The Hill Zill Resort at Bordi where the winery is located or even order it from a wine shop nearby.

Chikoo wine
India’s first chikoo winery – Fruzzante

What Do We Know About Chikoo Wines?

Chikoo wines are cheaper and tastier than regular wines. It is hand crafted from Chikoos grown in Dahanu-Gholvad. The first batch of wines was released to the tourists and wine enthusiasts in December 2016 and its been loved and appreciated since then. They have produced more than 25,000 bottles of chikoo wine and people have enjoyed it thoroughly. You can purchase a 330 ml of bottle at ₹255 each.

What Else?

The winery is a part of Hill Zill resort in Dahanu. You can book a luxurious stay at the resort or even visit the winery for a tour and taste the chikoo wine. If not doesn’t float your boat, grab your wines and head out to Bordi beach nearby to have a great time with your friends.

Chikoo wine


Address: Hill Zill Resort and Winery, Tambolpada, Bordi-Borigaon, Tal. – Talasari, Thane, Maharashtra 401701
Phone: 098241 21460
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