India’s First Woman-Led Burger Company Earns ₹18 Lakhs Per Day & Their Story Is So Inspiring!

by Curly Tales Desk

To see so many women go out there and chase their dreams makes our hearts swell with pride. From one entrepreneur (Kamiya Jani) to another, we headed to Delhi to hear how the woman behind the monstrous success of the popular food chain The Burger Company did it all.

The inception of this idea sprung when Neelam Singh, the founder, was in college. Although as she maneuvered through the different stages of her life, the idea of starting a food chain still remained close to her heart. So, with savings and borrowed money from her parents, she dared to dream and opened the first outlet in Gurgaon.

Amidst facing battle after battle and winning, The Burger Company now has 80+ outlets in the country. Neelam also talks about how she wanted to have a large footprint of serving an affordable on-the-go snack to many.

The future plan in the pipeline is to reach the 100 outlet mark this year. Watch her speak about women entrepreneurship, her family’s reaction to starting a venture and the future plans she has for The Burger Company!

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