IndiGo Flight Takes Off From Bangalore Without 6 Passengers; Offers Them Free Tickets!

by Shreya Rathod
IndiGo Flight Takes Off From Bangalore Without 6 Passengers; Offers Them Free Tickets!

An IndiGo flight was supposed to fly from Bangalore to Mangalore. However, it left six passengers behind. Instead of leaving them helpless, IndiGo gave free tickets to the passengers! Here are the details of the IndiGo flight from Bangalore to Mangalore.

IndiGo Flight Left 6 Passengers And Offered Them Free Tickets!

indigo flight free tickets
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On Friday, an Indigo flight allegedly took off from Bengaluru International Airport with six of its passengers still not on board. According to reports, the Mangalore-bound flight, identification code 6E6162, departed Bengaluru Airport at 2:45 pm, 10 minutes ahead of time.

Despite receiving the boarding pass, two of the six passengers reported to The New Indian Express that they had missed the aircraft. The Indigo personnel reportedly informed them that they had made the early flight announcement when questioned.

The six passengers received complimentary tickets for the following flight, 6E578, which departed at 8.45 pm instead of the scheduled 8.20 pm departure. At 9:50 pm, the travellers arrived at Mangalore Airport. Due to this occurrence, two of the six passengers who had to catch a connecting aircraft to Delhi missed their planes.

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Flight Departed 10 Mins Earlier Than The Scheduled Timing

indigo flight free tickets
Credits: Wikimedia

The report that the flight departed 10 minutes earlier than scheduled was refuted by an Indigo staffer from the Customer Experience department. Additionally, he stated that although passengers were required to arrive at the airport one hour prior to the flight’s planned departure, those who missed it were 20 to 30 minutes late.

When asked why all of the customers received complimentary tickets for the subsequent trip even though they were at fault, an Indigo spokeswoman replied without providing a clear response that it was very subjective and that decisions were based on variables such as senior people, expectant moms, and other considerations.

This is not the only incident that happened with the IndiGo flights. Recently, an IndiGo flight from Chandigarh to Jaipur took off without switching on the air conditioning. Passengers, including a Congress leader from Punjab, faced extreme discomfort. And the air hostesses were handing out tissues to wipe sweat.

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