Jet Airways Gets Air Operator Certificate Renewed By DGCA. But Why Was It Grounded?

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jet Airways Gets Air Operator Certificate Renewed By DGCA. But Why Was It Grounded?

Jet Airways will soon be reviving its services in India. Yes, you read that right. After being grounded in 2019, the Indian carrier will soon be back. This is because the DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has renewed the air operator certificate (AOC) of Jet Airways. It was obtained by the resolution applicant of Jet Airways, Jalan-Kalrock Consortium, as it was the winning bidder. But why was it grounded? Read to know!

DGCA Renews Jet Airways’ Air Operator Certificate 

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The winning bidder for Jet Airways, Jalan-Kalrock Consortium (JKC), announced very happy news on Monday. It said that Jet Airways’ air operator certificate was renewed by the DGCA ( Directorate General of Civil Aviation). 

The airways were grounded in 2019. The reason for its services being suspended was financial difficulties as it went bankrupt. It stopped flying on 17th April 2019. On May 20, 2022, it got its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) re-issued. But they did not start their operations, which led to the expiry of the same on 19th May 2023. 

The renewal of the AOC confirms the Indian aviation regulator’s belief in the resurrection of Jet Airways. This was the statement added by Jalan-Kalrock Consortium while announcing the renewal. 

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Ownership Is Yet To Be Transferred

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

With this, the known passenger carrier of India can now revive its services in the country. 

After an insolvency resolution procedure, JKC was chosen as the winning bidder for the grounded Jet Airways. However, due to ongoing disagreements between JKC and the airline’s financiers, the ownership transfer to JKC has not yet taken place.

According to the statement, JKC is devoted to bringing Jet Airways back to life and is determined to put a thorough plan into action to ensure the airline’s success.

According to Jet Airways, its new avatar will make it the nation’s most customer- and people-focused airline. It will be a smart full-service airline with two classes, a business class cabin built to meet international standards, and an advanced new-generation economy class that gives passengers what they value most. 

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