Karan Kundrra Points Out The Differences Of Living In Punjab & Mumbai

by Ankita Mazumdar
Karan Kundrra Points Out The Differences Of Living In Punjab & Mumbai

Karan Kundrra and our anchor, Arohi Thatte, met on this episode of Tere Gully Mein to explore the not-much-explored streets of Sion and visit the Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar in Sion Koliwada to seek blessings. He started his career with ‘Kitani Mohabbat Hai’ and he has been reaching for the stars ever since. He was born and brought up in the state of Punjabi as his dad is Punjabi but for career options, he shifted to Mumbai. In the video, they talked about his crazy fan experiences, his lifestyle in Mumbai, his lifestyle in Punjab and more. Visit Curly Tales’s YouTube channel to learn more from the video.

Karan Kundrra’s Lifestyle Is Different In Punjab & Mumbai

Karan Kundrra is the Punjabi-est Punjab ka munda ever. He takes pride in flaunting his Punjabi side. Even though he is half Punjabi and Malayali, he had the best of both worlds in terms of cuisines while growing up. We relished good plates of Amritsari kulchas when we enquired about his life back in Jalandhar. He went on to narrate some instances from his childhood days.

Karan Kundrra started talking about his house in Jalandhar, “Born and raised in the city, so our factories are in the middle of the khets (farms).” He did enjoy a decent life on the khets as well. He also told us that there were tractors and tube wells all around. Every 10 to 15 days they would plan and prepare desi chicken or mutton. He was specific about the food and its preparation being in the most desi style.

Starting from desi butter to desi murga to masalas grounded by hand, the feast becomes a lot more special. He even added that the tube wells would act as a natural refrigerator so they would put bottles of beer into the well. The beer would then be chilled without refrigeration and how cool is that? This aspect of his lifestyle in Jalandhar seems so different from the fast-paced lifestyle of Mumbai.

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Stark Difference In The Food Of Mumbai & Punjab

karan kundraa
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Life in Mumbai and Punjab is drastically different; be it in the geographical sense, the way of living or food. Before Karan Kundrra was going to take a bite of his Amritsari Kulcha he smelled it and asked the shopkeeper, “Uncle garlic daala hai isme?” Then, as Arohi had just asked him about his life in Mumbai as opposed to Punjab, he pointed out the obvious differences between meals in Punjab and Mumbai.

The shopkeeper agreed to it. Karan Kundrra replied that he was having garlic in Amritsari Kulcha for the first time! Looks like we are making him try out new things on this episode of Tere Gully Mein and we couldn’t be happier. Even if it is a twist of garlic in his Amritsari Kulcha!

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Comment down below if you have ever tried the authentic Amritsari Kulcha. Can Mumbai street food stalls do Amritsari Kulchas the way authentic ones are supposed to be?

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