Karnataka Witnesses ₹45 Crores Worth Of Liquor Sales On First Day Of Stores Reopening

by Sanjana Shenoy
Karnataka Witnesses ₹45 Crores Worth Of Liquor Sales On First Day Of Stores Reopening

On the first day of Lockdown 3.0, Karnataka was on a high! The reason being, liquor stores reopened after being shut down since March 24. Serpentine queues were seen outside liquor stores. Alcohol lovers woke up early and stood outside liquor shops in the state as early as 5 am on May 4, so they could make every drop count, literally. And on day one of liquor sale after the lockdown was lifted, Karnataka Excise Department revealed that ₹45 crores worth of liquor had been sold until the shops were closed at 7 pm. Now, this is what we call buying your liquor and stocking it too!

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What’s In It?

H Nagesh, State Excise Minister revealed to The New Indian Express that ₹25 crores of liquor sale was expected. But Karnataka witnessed ₹45 crores worth of liquor sale on the first day of reopening liquor shops. This is an amount which is way higher than expected. According to the excise department, ₹45 crores revenue was earned from the sale of 8.5 lakh litres of Indian Made Liquor (IML) and 3.9 lakh litres of beer sales from 9 am to 7 pm. Out of this, as a thumb rule, 40% of the revenue is from Bangalore alone.

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Asia’s largest liquor boutique, Tonique located in MG Road in Bangalore, made ₹4 crores in liquor sales on the first day of reopening the store after the lockdown, on May 4. Scenes of celebrations were witnessed in Karanataka as alcohol shops reopened. In some places, tipplers arrived at liquor stores before daybreak to perform special prayers with coconuts, flowers, camphor and incense sticks as if they were waiting for the temple doors to open after ages.  People were seen bursting firecrackers, dancing on the streets to celebrate the end of dry days in the state, oblivious to the fact that the country is in the middle of a lockdown.

tonique bangalore 4 crores sale
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What’s More?

As per the rules of the third phase o the lockdown, standalone alcohol stores in green, orange and red (non-containment) zones have been permitted to function till 7 pm, as part of the government’s strategy to open up the lockdown in a phased manner. Customers are required to wear masks and maintain social distancing while standing in the queues. Restrictions have also been put into place permitting stores to sell three bottles of spirits and six bottles 650ml beer or 12 bottles of 330ml beer per person. So keeping these guidelines in mind, folks in Karnataka head to the nearest liquor store to stock up on their bitter-sweet companion during this lockdown. Did you know A ‘Special Corona Fee’ Of 70 Percent Will Now Imposed On Liquor MRP In Delhi?