Kurseong In West Bengal’s Darjeeling District Is The Most Haunted Hill Station In India

by Suchismita Pal
Kurseong In West Bengal’s Darjeeling District Is The Most Haunted Hill Station In India

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Darjeeling in West Bengal is one of the most beloved destinations in India among mountain buffs, and tourists often head over here to get the glimpse of the colossal Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain range in the world. But did you know about this place just about 30 km away from Darjeeling which is also known as the most haunted hill station in India? Pull your pillows closer and read on!

The Spirit Of A Headless Boy

Kurseong near Darjeeling is mesmerizingly beautiful and drop-dead eerie at the same time. A lane that lies between Dow Hill Road in Kurseong and the Forest office, has unfurled some blood-curdling stories of a headless boy maundering and disappearing amidst the woods. Locals have also narrated experiences of being watched and followed by an invisible entity on this death road. To add to the fear, a woman dressed in grey has also been spotted at times roaming about in the forest alleys. Some have even noticed a pair of red eyes gazing at them.

Picture Credits: India.com

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Sinister Winters

The forests of Dow Hill have given way to many unfortunate deaths in the past, which couldn’t bear any explanation. Many are even known to have lost their mental balance. The ominous woods have also cast the dark shadows on the adjacent 100-year-old school, The Victoria Boys High School. The gates of the school remain closed during the winter vacations from December to March, and during this time, people have reported hearing footsteps and spine-chilling whispers from the school premises.

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The beautiful vistas of Kurseong will leave you spellbound for sure, but this one lane amidst the hilly paradise is a hell that the weakhearted should always avoid. Would you dare to take this road alone?