Kwang Kuang Is The Only Chinese Temple In Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Kwang Kuang Is The Only Chinese Temple In Mumbai

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Visit the century-old Kwan Kuang Chinese Temple located in Mazgaon, a monument sacred to the Chinese community of Mumbai.

What Is It?

Located on one of Mumbai’s seven islands, Mazgaon, the Kwan Kuang Temple is a two-storey complex that exudes beautiful charm and energy adorned with murals of Chinese Gods, prayer flags, light lamps and more. You have to take the harbour line to Dockyard Road Station to reach the temple.

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What’s In It?

Kwang Kuang is the only Chinese temple in Mumbai that still attracts the remaining Chinese community of Mumbai. The temple once flourished with a lot of Chinese immigrants who left post the 1962 Indo-Chinese war, many of them returned to China, but few remained. Now, the remaining people from the Chinese community visit the temple every year, to seek blessings of Kwan Kuang, the Warrior God.

The temple was built by the ancestors of Albert Tham, who is the caretaker of the temple. You can visit the temple to meditate in peace and tranquillity and be greeted by a mural of three Chinese gods on the wall depicting blessings and positivity.

The temple gets lit up by lamps and various fruits and sweets are offered to the deity.


Address: Kwan Kuang Temple, Dockyard Road, Mazgaon, Mumbai
Timings: 10 am – 5 pm