Live In The First Ever Zero Star Hotel With No Roofs

by Kritika Kukreja
Live In The First Ever Zero Star Hotel With No Roofs

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Your dreams of sleeping under the starry sky can finally come true at the Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland.

What Is It?

Is it your dream to sleep under the night sky and look at the stars? Well, now you can make your dreams come true by staying at the world’s first ‘zero-star’ hotel with no roofs. Null Stern in Switzerland has a room nestled in the middle of the Swiss Alps with no roof. A Null Stern (Zero Star in English) breaks the concept of luxurious mountain side retreats by giving you a wilderness experience like no other. 

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What’s In It?

No walls, no ceilings and no doors. This hotel room will give you the full access of the starry night sky at an altitude of 3,937 feet in the Eastern Swiss Alps. You can now enjoy an unlimited view of the Swiss Alps on your double bed, with a few bedside lamps next to you. You can also call in for room service and you’ll find local farmers coming to tend for your needs. The nearest washroom is located 10 minutes away at the restaurant. An overnight stay at this not-so-luxurious-but-extremely-wonderful hotel will cost you 250 Swiss francs (₹16,000). 

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Reservations for staying at the Null Stern are made prior but they can be cancelled by the hotel staff due to bad weather conditions. In any case, there will be an Alpine hut to give you company if the weather conditions aren’t favorable.

Phone: +41 71 898 33 00
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