Madhavpur Fair 2023: When It Is, Where It’s Happening, And All That You Can Expect There

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Madhavpur Fair 2023: When It Is, Where It’s Happening, And All That You Can Expect There

Madhavpur Fair, or Madhavpur Ghed Melo, is a unique celebration of the fusion of the rich cultures of Western and Northeastern India. This annual festival is celebrated in the village of Madhavpur in the Porbandar district of Gujarat. It is a vibrant cultural event in Gujarat, which holds a huge connection with Arunachal Pradesh. Here is everything you need to know about this colourful event. 

All About The Madhavpur Fair 2023

Madhavpur Fair 2023 will be celebrated this year from March 30 to April 3. This fair is a celebration of the union of Lord Krishna and Rukmani, who are said to have married in Madhavpur. 

The festival is connected to the Mishmi Tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. According to a legend, the renowned king Bhishmaka, who was the father of Rukmani and Lord Krishna’s father-in-law, is said to be the ancestor of the Mishmi Tribe. The celebration honours Rukmani’s journey with Lord Krishna from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat, which is revered as an eternal event.

Artists from both regions present a variety of cultural performances at the fair, including music, dance, and theatre. While the Western region showcases folk dance styles like Garba, Dandiya, and Raas, the Northeastern states bring their traditional music with instruments like the dhol, pepa, and flute. The fair is a true fusion of cultures because it also features handicrafts and cuisine from both regions. 

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Delicious Delicacies, Sports, Rituals And More

Madhavpur Fair also hosts various food stalls that take you on a lip-smacking culinary journey. The stalls serve all the authentic dishes from India’s western and northeastern regions. So as you soak up the spirit of the festival, you can also relish some delicious delicacies at this fair. 

This year, the Madhavpur-Ghed beach will host its first-ever coastal games, beach sports, and traditional games from Gujarat and the North-Eastern states. There will be activities like beach handball, beach volleyball, beach football, a 100-metre beach run, and coconut throwing. 

The fair will recreate the mythical event of Lord Krishna marrying Rukmani and travelling to Dwarka in a procession. This time they will also host Rukman’s welcome programme at Dwarka. 

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