Massive Traffic Jam On Mumbai’s Western Express Highway! Mumbaikars Fume On Social Media

by Shreya Rathod
Massive Traffic Jam On Mumbai’s Western Express Highway! Mumbaikars Fume On Social Media

The Western Express Highway (WEH) is an arterial road with 8 to 10 lanes. Since it stretches from Mira Road to Bandra and connects Mumbai to its suburbs, it is an important highway. Though traffic is nothing new in Mumbai, the Western Express Highway witnessed a massive traffic jam! Here’s everything about the Mumbai traffic on Monday morning.

Mumbai’s Western Express Highway Witnessed Massive Traffic Jam

Mumbaikars who travelled regularly by the Western Express Highway faced massive traffic jams. The highway connects some major flyovers, including the Andheri one, and was solely built to control traffic. Monday morning was a lot stressful for people who travelled by the highway.

In fact, Mumbai Traffic police had tweeted on their official X (former Twitter) about the Andheri bridge. The tweet stated that the bridge will be closed from 12.05 am to 05.00 am. They even warned about the slow-moving traffic moving through the sleep road. The reason is the ongoing work of removing the iron arch at Andheri Bridge.

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Commuters Express Their Distress

On X (former Twitter), Mumbaikars fumed over the deadly traffic. Several users shared pics and videos of the highway and the traffic. Many of them were frustrated due to lack of movement and were late for work.

One of the users wrote that there was a horrible traffic jam which caused 20 to 25 minutes of delay. He even informed others that the authorities have shut it down due to some work going on at the Mrinal Tai Gore Flyover that continued till the airport. He was annoyed that the Mumbai traffic was messing up with people’s schedules.

Another user responded to him by stating that whenever you take Western Express Highway, you should always leave early. A user shared a GIF of the traffic jam which was taken near the Gundavli flyover.

Over the decade, after the opening of this highway, there have been major improvements. That included marked lanes, better signs, landscaping improvements, pedestrian bridges and more.

However, today’s traffic was a reminder for the authorities that despite significant infrastructural improvements, the city will still experience traffic jams.

Cover Image Courtesy: Hinal Panchal/ X (Former Twitter)