Mumbai & Pune Had A Ganpati Made Out Of Pani Puris

by Kritika Kukreja
Mumbai & Pune Had A Ganpati Made Out Of Pani Puris

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In the last year’s spirit of Ganeshotsav, Pune’s Ganesh Bhel had made an idol of Ganpati with 3500 pani puris and it’s awe-inspiring!

What Is It?

Apparently, eco-friendly was the newest trend last Ganeshotsav, and Pune’s Ganesh Bhel had taken things up a notch! They had prepared a Ganpati made out of 3500 pani puris and bamboo sticks. Made on a base of POP, this one has various condiments of pani puri!

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Image by ShareBlast

Why Ganpati With Pani Puri?

The idea came up to the owner in 2011. He wanted to build something out of Bhel materials and make them eco-friendly as well. He used a bit of hardener on the puris, but that can also be edible. This entire process took about 100 hours and the shop’s employees had put in a lot of hard work to prepare the idol.

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What About Mumbai?

With the same idea in mind, Mumbai’s Shyam Nirmal Mitra Mandal had also created a Ganpati made out of 3500 pani puris. Along with that, it has got 9 forts of moong dal, 2.5 kilo peas, 4.5 kilo dates, 2 forts of gram, 3.5 kilos potato, 1 kilo tamarind and 1 kilo boondi. 

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