Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2021 Is Going Digital & Here’s Everything Exciting That’s Happening

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 850

Every art lover in Mumbai waits for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival which is a carnival in itself. But if you are wondering if the annual festival that is usually held in February will happen this year or not, you will be delighted to know that it is. India’s most significant cultural festival is back, and this year it is going virtual from February 6 to February 14, 2021, owing to the pandemic. But that does not make it any less exciting. There are several exciting events scheduled for this year too, and here’s everything you need to know.

You Will Get To Enjoy Arts, Dance, Music & Literature Online

Organised by the non-profit organisation Kala Ghoda Association (KGA), the festival will be hosted on Insider ( There will be several discussions, demonstrations and workshops about dance and music. Oh, and not only that. You will also get to enjoy visual arts, dance, music, literature, theatre and book launches. The festival will also host plenty of events reflecting the rich art history of Mumbai.

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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019

The Handicraft Stalls Are Going Online Too

Like every year, the festival will commence on the first Saturday of February and end on the second Saturday of February and will include around 70 programmes. The festival will also take its stalls online showcasing handicrafts from February 6. You will be able to shop on the website. The partners, artists and collaborators are joining hands to make this festival a virtual reality. Also, Visit The Renovated Blue Synagogue At Kala Ghoda post pandemic.

Picture Credits: Poush Mela Santiniketan

Registration Open For Participants

The 2021 schedule includes nine days of programmes and contents. If you wish to participate in the festival, the registration will be open on January 29. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is one of those experiences you cannot give a miss. From A Radio To Jellyfish: International Artists Give Dubai Bus Stops A Stunning Makeover.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019

Come and immerse yourself in the nine-day extravaganza of art, music, culture, ideas and people from the comforts of your home.


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