Nagaland Tourism Minister Relishes Dosa While Poking Fun At Himself On Twitter, Netizens Adore Him

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Nagaland Tourism Minister Relishes Dosa While Poking Fun At Himself On Twitter, Netizens Adore Him

If you follow the Minister of Higher Education and Tourism of Nagaland, Temjen Imna Along, you surely know how funny he is. The tourism minister is super active on Twitter and is known for his comical posts and on point humour. This is why netizens totally love him so much. Recently, he posted another funny tweet poking fun at himself while relishing dosa and netizens are all busy adoring him. 

Nagaland Minister Posts A Funny Tweet

Temjen Imna Along, the Tourism Minister of Nagaland, is everyone’s favourite on social media. With his funny posts, he keeps all his followers glued to his page on Twitter. 

In his latest tweet, the minister posted a picture where he was accompanied by someone in an eatery. The picture shows him gorging on some delicious and crispy dosas while the other looks at the camera and smiles. 

The picture was captioned in Temjen Imna Along hilarious style by himself. He wrote about how he was busy digging in the food while the other person focused on being clicked. He wrote a small postscript note as well, which mentioned that the minister is not at all shy. 

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Twitteratis Simply Love Him

This picture was tweeted by Temjen Imna Along. Tourism Minister of Nagaland, went viral in no time after it was posted. It has by far received 204.1K views on Twitter and more than 6K likes. 

Many people commented on the post and praised him for being so hilarious and down-to-earth as a minister. Many praised him for his cuteness and self-poke jokes that he randomly posts on Twitter and that make their day. 

Many people gauged from the picture that though the minister was relishing dosa with chutney and sambar, he did keep an eye on Chole Bhature. Some days ago, he posted a picture where he is scrolling on his cell but looks asleep. He posted the picture and told people that he was drafting his next mail and not sleeping. Netizens loved this cuteness, and some edited the picture to make it look more adorable.

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Have you seen his tweets? Which one is your fav?

Cover Image Courtesy: @temjenimnalong/Twitter