Neighbourhoods Across Berlin Have Been Transformed Into ‘Open Air Cinemas’

by Gizel Menezes
Neighbourhoods Across Berlin Have Been Transformed Into ‘Open Air Cinemas’

Remember when going out to the theatre was one of the many simple joys of life! When we didn’t mind eating overpriced popcorn and drinking watered down coke just because it was a part of the whole ‘watching-a-movie-in-a-theatre-experience’!

Well, we’ll have to wait for a pretty long time to get back to that! But, cinema lovers in Berlin seem to be having a gala time as neighbourhoods across the city are turning into ‘open air cinemas’! And we’re so jealous!

Berlins Residents Are Enjoying Open Air Cinema Amidst Lockdown

A number of neighborhoods across Berlin are being transformed into ‘open air cinemas’ so that Berliners can relive the joys of cinema from the comfort of their homes.

Known as the Windowflicks project, movies are being screened on building facades in such a way that they are visible to an entire house or neighbourhood from their windows and balconies, giving the residents a ‘cinematic experience’ like no other!

While in many places, powerful sound systems have been put in place for a larger-than-life cinema experience, in others, movies are being screened with subtitles so that those who do not wish to watch the screening aren’t disturbed! How sweet!

And that is not all. While residents begin to cozy up in their balconies, gardens, courtyards, or windows just before the movie begins, local businesses are offering ‘free popcorn services’ to them! *We are soooo jealous right now!*

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The Open Air Cinema Experience Is Totally Free

While this cinema-watching experience is free for all, a crowdsourcing campaign called as ‘Fortsetzung Folgt’ has been launched, which seeks to raise money for struggling independent art house cinemas in Berlin.

The whole idea behind this project was to take a break from the digital screens at home and enjoy community watching, while being at an absolute safe distance from each other. And we think that this is absolutely cool because while OTT platforms are making life easier during the lockdown, watching a classic from your window is an experience like no other!

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