New Zealand Blogger Absolutely Loves Indian Mithai & We Ain’t Complaining!

by Sushmita Mahanta
New Zealand Blogger Absolutely Loves Indian Mithai & We Ain’t Complaining!

Indians harbour a deep-seated love for mithais — be it sweets laid out during special occasions or just a bite of Kaju katli after lunch, mithais own our hearts. And when we see a foreigner living in India sharing the same kind of love for Indian sweets, we can’t help being in awe!
Recently, a New Zealander identified as Karl Rice, also known as Karl Rocks online, has shared his immense love for a few mithais and we ain’t complaining! Read on to know the whole story!

New Zealand Blogger’s Immense Love For Indian Mithai

New Zealander Karl Rice, who is married to a Haryanvi, loves to share the cultural traditions of his wife’s Indian household. The blogger truly is in love with our country and his passion amazes is!
Recently Karl took to Instagram to share that on special occasions, his mother-in-law and neighbours love to come together to prepare an Indian sweet called pude. It’s an ancient Indian dish and only requires three ingredients to make. The New Zealand blogger has shared a video that opens up about his mother-in-law and other neighbours preparing the sweet dish in their household. In the video, Karl seems to be enamoured by the delicious pudes. Take a look:


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Netizens React

Netizens love how Karl respects India, its food, and its people. His video is viral on Instagram and the comment section is filled with appreciation. One user writes, “We Tongans 🇹🇴 also have this recipe too. We call it “keke vai” or “Tongan pancake” 🥞🤣 but we cook it in oil. Not butter. Gots to try “Pude”. Another says, “Try it mixed with 🍌 in it. My mum makes them and they call Koay pisang. Its Indonesian cake.” A third one explains the dish a little more and adds, “In Bengali we call it’s Malpoa made with Maida, cardamom powder ,water…..and we dip it in Sugar syrup…make it cool and enjoy eating,”

Must say, India and its diverse culinary gems are meant to lure people towards them. No doubt the New Zealand blogger is in love!


Feature image courtesy – Instagram/iamkarlrock