Not Egypt, But This African Country Has The Most Number Of Pyramids!

by Mallika Khurana
Not Egypt, But This African Country Has The Most Number Of Pyramids!

Deep within the African heartland, where the Nile River weaves its timeless story, lies a land veiled in history, a land of mysteries as old as time itself. Welcome to Sudan, the “Land of a Thousand Pyramids.” In a world where Egypt’s pyramids reign supreme in the annals of human achievement, Sudan quietly guards a secret, or rather, hundreds of them. As the sun sets over the vast, undulating sands of Nubia, a treasure trove emerges – the Sudanese pyramids. 

Sudan Is Popular For Its Nubian Pyramids

Photo Credits: Canva

The Sudanese pyramids are concentrated in a region known as Nubia, a historical region straddling the Nile River, which extends into present-day Sudan and Egypt. These pyramids, primarily constructed during the Kingdom of Kush, span over a thousand years, from 2500 BC to 300 AD.

The country is believed to have more than 200 to 255 pyramids, making it the nation with the most pyramids in the world. This number surpasses the roughly 138 pyramids in Egypt. While Egyptian pyramids are predominantly made of limestone, Sudanese pyramids are constructed from sandstone and clay bricks. They exhibit remarkable architectural diversity. 

The pyramids of Sudan were built by the Kushite rulers who conquered Egypt during the 25th Dynasty, ruling as Pharaohs. While the Sudanese pyramids may not receive as much international attention as the Egyptian pyramids, they are gradually gaining recognition as a fascinating tourist destination. 

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Things To Do In The Amazing Country

pyramid sudan
Photo Credits: Canva

Sudan is a country with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It offers a variety of interesting things to do for travellers seeking unique experiences. Here are some amazing things to do in the country:

  1. Take a boat trip along the Nile River, which runs through Sudan. This is a great way to appreciate the stunning landscapes, birdwatch, and witness local life along the riverbanks.
  2. Attend a Sufi ceremony in Omdurman to witness the mesmerising spiritual dance of the Sufi Whirling Dervishes. It’s a unique cultural experience.
  3. Sudan has numerous archaeological sites, including Old Dongola and Naqa, which provide insights into the country’s ancient history.
  4. Explore the pristine waters of the Red Sea. Sudan offers some fantastic diving opportunities, with beautiful coral reefs and marine life.
  5. Visit Nubian villages along the Nile to experience the traditional Nubian culture, including colourful houses and a warm, welcoming community.
  6. Explore museums like the National Museum in Khartoum, which houses a range of historical artifacts, including the treasures from the ancient Kingdom of Kush.
  7. The Sahara Desert stretches across Sudan, providing a unique opportunity for desert treks and camping under the starry skies.
  8. The Nuba Mountains in southern Kordofan offer breathtaking landscapes and hiking opportunities.
  9. Visit local markets like the Omdurman Souq in Khartoum, where you can shop for traditional crafts, spices, and more.
  10. Enjoy Sudanese cuisine, which often includes dishes like Ful Medames (a bean stew), Kisra (a type of bread), and local teas.
  11. If your visit coincides with a local festival or celebration, it’s an excellent way to experience Sudanese culture with traditional music, dance, and food.

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These pyramids have the potential to become an essential destination for those seeking an authentic historical experience.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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