The Andamans Has An Active Volcano That You Can Actually Visit!

by Kritika Kukreja
The Andamans Has An Active Volcano That You Can Actually Visit!

Under 140 Characters 

Experience the erupting plumes at Barren Islands and take a dive underwater only in India’s Andaman Islands.

What Is It? 

The Barren Islands in Andaman is a sight that you wouldn’t want to miss. Visiting the islands in the Andaman is going to be nothing but an adventure for your stressed out soul. You can take a submarine ride to dive underwater and check out the gorgeous sea corals. You can also witness the erupting active volcano in the Barren Islands.

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Experience the underwater life at the Barren Islands

A coral safari that is one of a kind. Pick out from options and service that will allow you to explore the island by yourself within the comfort of a submarine.

Watch the beauty of the active volcano at Barren Islands

What’s In It? 

The Heaven on Ocean is a specialized service for tourists traveling to the Barren Islands. They provide with high end submarine that can accommodate 100 passengers. The submarine is equipped with air-conditioned cabins for its passengers along with glass windows that allow you to watch the wonders of sea wildlife. 

What’s Unique?

Heaven on Earth also lets you experience the active volcano on the island. Although, it isn’t advisable to go closer to it, but you can look at the extravagant stone formation and lava that are available for all on the island.

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Wildlife at sea

You can even dive in the waters for an underwater experience. The wildlife inside the clear waters and the coral will transport you into another world.


Tickets: ₹1850 for an adult. ₹1350 for a child over 12 and ₹1200 for a child under 12. Any child below 3 years of age is no charge.

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Planning a trip to explore India like never before? Make sure you sign up for the coral safari at the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Visit the Barren Islands to enjoy the experience of active volcanoes.


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