Travel From Lakshadweep To Mangaluru In Just 7 Hours With This Newly Launched Ferry Service

Travelling to Mangaluru from Lakshadweep becomes a lot more convenient.

by Shreya Ghosh
Travel From Lakshadweep To Mangaluru In Just 7 Hours With This Newly Launched Ferry Service

Lakshadweep is one of India’s most alluring destinations and it is home to insanely magnificent serene surroundings and natural beauty. With time, the connection between this place and the mainland is only improving and strengthening. Now, travelling from Lakshadweep to Mangaluru has become simpler and easier than ever with the recent introduction of ferry services. To know about the journey, read on.

Reach Mangaluru From Lakshadweep In 7 Hours

Lakshadweep To Mangaluru
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Get ready to enjoy a scenic journey as the newly launched ‘Parali’ is all set to take all the travellers to the Mangaluru old port from Lakshadweep. The duration of travel between these two places has been reduced by 5-6 hours when travelled experimentally. According to a report by Hindustan Times, it takes only 7 hours whereas the journey took about 13 hours previously. A ride of 7 hours on this new highspeed vessel is indeed going to be a one-of-a-kind experience for tourists.

About 160 passengers enjoyed a ride on Thursday. One of the best features of this water transportation mode is that the vessel offers a smoother experience. And we cannot forget that its fast speed is contributing to cutting the journey time between the union territory and Mangaluru by 5 to 6 hours. Parali has been launched on this route for tourists and this brings a unique opportunity for travellers to enjoy a special journey.

The Lakshadweep Islands Tourism Development Authority has been established under the Central Tourism Ministry. This authority has the responsibility to commence the ferry service from Lakshadweep to Mangaluru after efficient trials. Trial runs for this liner service are starting on Friday. Focusing on the preparations, the Lakshadweep Islands Tourism Development Authority has set up necessary services in Kadmatt. The arrangements are done at the receiving area.

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Connectivity Options Are Enhancing!

Lakshadweep To Mangaluru
Picture credit- Canva

Travelling to and from Lakshadweep is getting easier now with the launch of facilities and services similar to this ferry for tourists. Places such as Mangaluru and Kochi now have better connecting links with the union territory. Some officials stated that this recently introduced ferry service is the first plan to ease the connectivity of Mangaluru with Lakshadweep.

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