Take A Tour Inside The Supreme Court Of India

by Kritika Kukreja
Take A Tour Inside The Supreme Court Of India

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India’s tourism just went up a notch because now you can visit The Supreme Court Of India!

What Is It?

Now The Supreme Court Of India has been added to the list of museums in Delhi, which means you can visit it! Tours can be conducted everyday between 10 AM and 1 PM, except on Saturdays and national holidays. If you wish to take a tour of the Supreme Court, you will have to book online from here . The project was created by the Chief Justice Of India – Ranjan Gogoi. 

What Do We Know?

It will be a guided tour that will take only 20 visitors per batch. Including maintaining discipline during the tour, the visitors aren’t allowed to bring cigarettes, eatables or cameras inside. The guide will be taking you through 2 sections during the tour – Federal Court, and the Supreme Court. Along with that, you will be given a short session on the Judiciary Of India and you will be able to go through the entire gallery of history of Indian judiciary.