Off-Duty Pilot Trying To Shut Engines To Plane With 300 Flyers Diverting, 5 Airline Incidents

by Shreya Ghosh
Off-Duty Pilot Trying To Shut Engines To Plane With 300 Flyers Diverting, 5 Airline Incidents

We often come across or hear about weird and unexpected incidents taking place at airports or on flights. A lot can happen within a span of just the last 48 hours. Do you know what are the weird latest incidents that have taken place in recent times? If not, read on to know all about the viral airline incidents from different parts of the world.

Here’s All You Need To Know About The Recent Airline Incidents

1. Mom Passenger Changed Diaper Of Her Baby On Flight

Taking to Reddit, TheTallestLeah talked about her experience of taking a flight where a passenger changed a toddler’s diaper and stunk the place ‘like hell’.

Childfree flights should be an option
byu/TheTallestLeah inchildfree

Many people are cribbing about travelling on a flight with little kids as co-passengers. Babies can start crying at any moment if they feel discomfort and this is something that many passengers do not like. In between all these, a woman passenger recently changed the diaper of her toddler.

Not once or twice, but she did this thrice during her journey, according to a report by The Independent. What shocked everyone was when she chose to not use the washroom to change her baby’s nappy. The woman who took to Reddit to share the incident called it awful. She also added that there was another baby in the other seat who ‘piping up screaming on occasion’.

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2. Ed Sheeran On-board British Airways Flight Met By Police

Airline Incidents
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Ed Sheeran took a London-bound flight from Miami. It was met by armed police due to a passenger abusing a cabin crew member. A report by The Independent stated that a man allegedly racially abused a cabin crew member. A co-passenger shared with The Independent about how the male passenger used terrible comments to verbally abuse the air steward. He also threatened her.

The flight carried the famous singer Ed Sheeran but he was nowhere near this shocking incident. Flight BA206 departed Miami at 5:23 PM on Monday and landed at Heathrow Airport at 5:50 AM. After the flight landed, it was met by the armed police.

3. Alaska Airlines Off-Duty Pilot Was On Magic Mushrooms

Airline Incidents
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

In an extremely shocking incident, an off-duty pilot of the Alaska Airlines made an attempt in shutting down the engines of a flight. Joseph David Emerson is the one responsible for this unexpected incident. Suddenly, he tried to turn off the engines by pulling the two red fire handles.

This attempt could have started the emergency fire suspension and reduced the fuel. The pilots took him out of the cockpit, according to a report by MoneyControl. The 44-year-old did not sleep in the last 40 hours and also took some psychedelic mushrooms. Following the shocking scenario, the pilots made an emergency landing of the Alaska Airlines flight in Portland.

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4. DGCA Suspended This Institute’s Operations

Airline Incidents
Picture credit- Canva
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In a recent incident, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation decided to suspend the Redbird Flight Training Academy’s services. The statutory body came to this conclusion after the training institute reported two crash-landing incidents in a week, according to a report by Devdiscourse. DGCA is now conducting proper checks of the training institute.

5. Air Canada Flight From Toronto Diverted

Airline Incidents
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

On October 21, an Air Canada flight had to be diverted. The flight took off from Toronto and the destination was Delhi. Carrying 300 passengers on board, the flight was diverted to Baku, according to a report by The Times of India. The probable reason for this decision was a technical snag. Passengers had a horrible experience as they had to wait for an alternate flight in Baku.

Here are all the recent updates about the airline incidents.

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