Oman’s SalamAir Suspends All Flights Operations To India; Booked Tickets? Here’s How To Get Refund

by Deeplata Garde
Oman’s SalamAir Suspends All Flights Operations To India; Booked Tickets? Here’s How To Get Refund

Oman’s renowned budget airline, SalamAir, has recently dropped a bombshell announcement. It has left the travel plans of hundreds of passengers destined for India in utter chaos. Effective October 1, 2023, SalamAir will temporarily suspend all its flights to India, citing constraints in flight rights allocation as the primary reason behind this unexpected decision. So if you have booked your flight to India with Salam Air, here’s all you need to know about refunds and more.

Oman’s Salam Air Announces Suspension of Services To India

As of now, SalamAir extends its services to four Indian cities, namely Jaipur, Lucknow, Kozhikode, and Thiruvananthapuram. These routes, which have been appreciated by travellers for their cost-effectiveness and convenience, will regrettably cease to operate come October.

The impact on passengers will be highly visible as the budget-friendly airline ceases its operations in the region. The abrupt suspension of these services has had a substantial impact on passengers, particularly those who had already secured their flight tickets. SalamAir swiftly notified these travellers of the unfortunate cancellation of their planned journeys. This unforeseen development left many scrambling for alternative travel arrangements.

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Here’s All About Refund Policy


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SalamAir has taken a commendable step to mitigate the inconvenience of affected passengers. The airline has clearly stated that passengers who had booked their flights to India will receive a full refund. Those eligible for refunds can quickly initiate the process by reaching out to SalamAir directly. The passengers can also go through recognized travel agencies. This customer-centric approach aims to ensure that all passengers are promptly reimbursed for the full ticket amount they had paid.

The suspension of SalamAir’s flights to India undoubtedly poses a significant setback for passengers, particularly those with travel plans to and from Oman. The absence of SalamAir on these routes may lead to a reduction in the number of available flights to Oman. This might potentially result in increased airfares. However, the airline’s commitment to providing full refunds offers some solace to the affected passengers amidst these challenging times. This move highlights SalamAir’s dedication to its customers and their satisfaction, even in times of unforeseen disruptions.

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