Palm Jebel Ali To Be Revamped Into Dubai’s Huge Project With 500 Residential Units

by Deeplata Garde
Palm Jebel Ali To Be Revamped Into Dubai’s Huge Project With 500 Residential Units

The dreamy city of Dubai is always surprising us with new ventures. The latest project that has caught our attention is the Palm Jebel Ali site. Construction started in 2002 and ended in 2008, although the dream continues, mostly due to the projects’ enormous scope. So the relaunch of this project with surprising additions is on the cards and we can’t wait for the announcement.

Palm Jebel Ali To Be Relaunched With 500 Residential Units

20 Years Of Palm Jumeirah
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The megaproject that was put on hold in 2009 will resume as the price of beachfront houses rises by 300 per cent in just two years. A project that has been abandoned since 2009 as the city sees a spike in demand for coastal homes and flats. 20 years ago, plans for the Palm Jebel Ali project called for a land parcel that was 50% bigger than the Palm Jumeirah. A long line of prospective buyers has formed since it was recently revealed that Palm Jebel Ali would be rebranded and reopened.

Although Nakheel’s plans for Palm Jebel Ali have not yet been made public, it is probable that they will feature a substantial number of new oceanfront villas.

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MOON Dubai Announced Their Development On Social Media

MOON In their imaginative plan to construct 500 residential apartments as part of a mega-resort on the proposed man-made island, Dubai architects have included the Palm Jebel Ali property.
The reopening of the Palm Jebel Ali will help fill the city’s rising housing shortage for coastal properties.

The project will be inclusive of The Private Residence at MOON Dubai (500 opulent residential apartments), a prestigious and breathtaking Private Members Club, a unique Six-Star hotel with 100 suites, and a Four-Star hotel with 4,000 suites. Visitors may also look forward to 50+ magnificent integrated components, notably MOON’s main feature, which gives visitors the rare chance to explore an actual Lunar Colony while walking on the lunar surface.

Sounds like a pretty luxurious project is soon to drop on the waterfront of Dubai. Keep your eyes open for this one Habibis.

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