Paratha Lovers! This Place In Delhi Serves Paratha Stuffed With Papad At Just ₹90; Take A Look

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Paratha Lovers! This Place In Delhi Serves Paratha Stuffed With Papad At Just ₹90; Take A Look

Papad is one of the most inevitable parts of a wholesome Indian meal. Papad and pickles are actually known to complete a meal. At the same time, parathas too are an important part of India’s cuisine, which is no longer just a Punjabi dish! There have been many variations that have brought in unique paratha recipes. This place in Delhi serves parathas, which are stuffed with papad, for just ₹90. 

This Place In Delhi Serves Paratha Stuffed With Papad

If you are a paratha lover, I am sure you have tried many varieties of parathas available in the market. From sattu paratha to keema paratha to broccoli paratha, there are so many of them. So we thought of introducing you to something super unique: papad paratha.

This paratha served in Delhi is stuffed with papad and fried in desi ghee. The filling inside this paratha has papad in it. This papad paratha is served at Paratha Chowk in Delhi’s Parathe Wale Gali. The shop Paratha Chowk has been in business since 1889 in Delhi. 

Though at first you might feel this is a weird combination, this fusion paratha actually tastes yummy! The dizziness of ghee and the crunchiness of papad filling actually make it worth a try!

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You will not only get to eat papad paratha here but also witness its making! Yes, the workers here make these papad parathas right outside the shop. 

They first fry papad in hot oil and then crumble it into pieces. The next part is to roll a rolling pin over it to crumble it more evenly. Then they add other ingredients to this and make a filling. 

This filling is then stuffed into a paratha dough and then rolled on a board to make a nice round paratha. It is then fried in hot desi ghee and cut into four pieces. 

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Have you tried it yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: @curlytales/Instagram