Places In Rajasthan You Can Visit In Under ₹10,000

by Yogita Chainani
Places In Rajasthan You Can Visit In Under ₹10,000

Do you know what the best thing about travelling in India is? Well, it’s the fact that you can travel real cheap or expensive. India is one country where travelling on a budget is possible, but it’s equally fun. And if you are planning a fun budget trip in India, then here are three places in Rajasthan that you can easily cover under Rs.10,000. Read on and plan your trip right away.

Places In Rajasthan You Can Cover On A Budget 

1. Jodhpur

You can easily plan a 3-4 days trip to Jodhpur for under Rs.1000. If you are travelling from Mumbai or Pune, you can take a direct train to Jodhpur, and the return journey will cost you around Rs.2000. People travelling from Delhi can take a bus or a train, and the return journey will again cost you Rs.2000. When it comes to stay, Jodhpur has tons of hostels and budget-Havelis, so a stay in Jodhpur will cost anywhere between Rs.500-1500 per night. For food, there are tons of cafes, street food options, and small restaurants for you to choose from. For attractions, you will not spend more than Rs.500 per person on tickets. Look for stay options in the Old City, this way all significant attractions will be within a walking distance for you. So add this place in Rajasthan to your list.

Blue City

2. Jaipur

Like Jodhpur, Jaipur is connected by train from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and other cities. For people travelling from Bangalore and other places- you can take a direct flight to Jaipur. A direct flight, if booked in advance will cost Rs.5000 return whereas- a train/bus journey will cost Rs.2000-2500 return. In terms of stay, Jaipur again has some great hostel options. You can live in Zostel Jaipur for Rs.400/per night. For travelling around, you can either rent a scooty or Rickshaws. In terms of attractions, you will not spend more than Rs.700 per person on tickets. For food, Jaipur again has tons of street food options, making food affordable.

3. Udaipur

Also known as the lake city, you can easily get a return flight for Udaipur at Rs.5000. People who love train journeys can opt for one from Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. The return train journey will cost anywhere between Rs.2000-3000. In terms of stay, there are budget Havelis, hostels, and hotels for you to choose from. If you opt for budget Havelis, you will spend Rs.1500-2000 per night, which is Rs.1000 per person. Food is cheap, and attractions are almost free. Stay in the main market area, so that you can cover this beautiful lake city on foot. If you plan a trip with your friend, you’ll save up on food and transport costs. However, Udaipur is also known as a backpacker’s by and by, so planning a solo trip there ain’t a bad option either.

Picture Credits: My Udaipur City