Plan Your Trip To AlUla In Saudi Arabia, As The City Is Getting A New Terminal For Easier Travel

by Deeplata Garde
Plan Your Trip To AlUla In Saudi Arabia, As The City Is Getting A New Terminal For Easier Travel

The new design for AlUla International Airport’s terminal, revealed by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), is a big step for the city. It shows that AlUla is moving forward to become a significant place for shipping goods worldwide and a top spot for history and culture. Get ready to plan a trip to AlUla, the magnificent city of Saudi Arabia, as access becomes easier. Here’s all about the upcoming new terminal for AlUla Airport.

A Fusion of Modernity, Culture, and Nature

This new terminal design brilliantly encapsulates a fusion of modernity, culture, and nature. Selected through a competitive global bidding process involving major design houses, the intention is to seamlessly integrate the terminal into AlUla’s stunning landscapes, promoting harmony and coexistence.

An Elevated Travel Experience
Envisioned to provide high-end amenities such as a luxurious 5-star hotel, spa, and a diverse array of retail outlets, the terminal aims to redefine the benchmarks of international airport experiences. From the moment visitors touch down to their eventual take-off, the terminal is set to become a focal point of every traveller’s journey.

Surge in Annual Passenger Capacity
One of the primary goals of this project is to escalate the annual passenger capacity from 400,000 to an astounding 6 million in its final phase. This significant rise in passenger capacity will revolutionise AlUla’s connectivity to the global stage, rendering it a conveniently accessible gem for international travellers.

Community Impact
Beyond its impact on tourism, the initiative foresees a transformative effect on the local community. By attracting more visitors to AlUla, the project is positioned to inject increased revenue into the economy and generate a multitude of job opportunities for its residents.

Private Aviation Services

Complementing the enhancement of passenger experiences, the airport will extend a spectrum of private aviation services. Saudia Private Aviation, a subsidiary of Saudi Group, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with RCU to deliver comprehensive private aviation services at AlUla International Airport. These services encompass aircraft leasing, management, maintenance, cleaning, essential ground operations such as take-off and landing permits, ground handling, catering logistics, and operation of the private aviation lounge at the airport.

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Vision For AlUla
The plan, unveiled during the recent Vision for AlUla event and set to finish in 2023, will have a resort, homes, a spa, and a global meeting place. The resort’s design will be by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel. The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) revealed the plan to create a top development among beautiful sandstone landscapes, including a global meeting place and a huge resort as the centre of many hospitality options for AlUla.

The introduction of the new terminal at AlUla International Airport epitomizes an architectural marvel seamlessly integrating with AlUla’s unique landscapes. It forms an integral part of the broader plan for expanding AlUla International Airport, designed to connect AlUla with the rest of the world. With eager anticipation for its completion, the project is anticipated not only to redefine airport experiences but also to significantly contribute to AlUla’s growth as a global destination.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ RCU

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