Planning A Short Trip To Kashmir? Here’s A Perfect 2-day Itinerary To Explore This Winter Getaway

by Shreya Ghosh
Planning A Short Trip To Kashmir? Here’s A Perfect 2-day Itinerary To Explore This Winter Getaway

Exploring Kashmir and its haseen vaadiyaan is on the bucket list of millions of travel enthusiasts. No matter how many hilly destinations we explore, there is some special magic in Kashmir’s air and surroundings that attracts us each and every time. With the winter season approaching, it makes up for one of the perfect times to plan a trip to this destination. Kashmir in winter looks like a magical snowy wonderland. Even if you have only 2 days to spend there, you are surely about to enjoy a splendid time. We are sharing an ultimate itinerary that can help you travel there and explore as much as possible in just 2 days.

Here’s The 2-day Itinerary To Explore Kashmir This Winter Season

The itinerary covers different places that you can visit in Srinagar and Gulmarg in just a 2-day trip. The plan to travel to Kashmir needs to be ON even if you have only a couple of days in hand. It is never a good idea to cancel travel plans to a place that is as mesmerising as Kashmir, that too in the winter season when you can wake up to snow and lush greenery surrounding you.

Day 1:

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Wake up early in the morning, have your breakfast, and head straight to Khanyaar Quarter, explore the tombs, and learn about the rich history. From there, travel to the Dal Lake and bless your eyes with one of Srinagar’s most beautiful tourist attractions. Explore the place, enjoy the touristy activities, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, and just immerse in the natural beauty.

The chances of going on a shikara ride are uncertain as the lake stays partially frozen in the winter season. Enjoy a serene sunset from there. After this, you can check out Nigeen Lake. The water is much clearer than Dal Lake. With this, the first day in Srinagar comes to an end. If you want to experience the most in this vacation, make sure you book an iconic houseboat.

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Day 2:

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Wake up very early and straight head to Gulmarg. Begin your journey of exploring Gulamrg on an adventurous note by visiting the Gondola base station. The entire experience will take a few hours as it has a crazy demand among visitors. From there travel to Kongdori and Apharwat. You can spend some time in both these places indulging in snow biking, snowboarding, and more. Then start visiting the local places of Gulmarg such as the Golf Course, Shiva Temple, and more.

The second day is going to be a lot more hectic than the first day as you are about to try out some new and fun experiences in the snow. But all the tiredness is going to be worth it as you do not get to try out such adventurous activities in places covered in snow every day. After exploring local tourist places, enjoy the sunset. If you are not tired, you can simply walk around and witness the charm of nearby places. Then enjoy your dinner and have a good sleep as you need to return the next day.

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Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani is here to take you on a beautiful virtual trip to Srinagar. tap on this video and witness the natural aura of this city in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now that you have the perfect itinerary that takes you to such spectacular places in Kashmir, when are you planning a holiday there?

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