Rapper Drake’s Half-Eaten Pizza Is On Sale For ₹4 Crore; Netizens Joke If He’s Broke!  

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rapper Drake’s Half-Eaten Pizza Is On Sale For ₹4 Crore; Netizens Joke If He’s Broke!  

How far would you go to show your love and loyalty to your favourite celebrity? Probably, mail them gifts, have posters of them adorning your walls or even visit their favourite spots as an ode to their travel adventures. Well, if you’re a massive fan of Canadian rapper, Drake then here’s a delicious opportunity to show your fandom. His half-eaten pizza is out on auction and it costs a whopping ₹4 crore.

Lil Yachty Auctions Half-Eaten Pizza By Rapper Drake For ₹4 Crore

American rapper Lil Yachty, a good friend of Drake, recently started a live stream where Drake’s half-eaten pizza was part of the discussion. More so, like a joke. Many of the Hotline Bling singer’s fans started inquiring about the pizza slice. That’s when his friend, Lil Yachty announced on his Instagram story that he was selling this pizza bitten by Drake for $500k (₹4 crore approximately).

It looked like a pepperoni or a Margherita pizza, with a delicious crust and some cheesy bits remaining, after Drake seemed to take a big bite of the slice. In no time the Instagram story about Drake’s half-eaten pizza slice went viral on social media. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, his fans united to inquire about how they can get a hold of it.

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Netizens Have Lots Of Questions To Ask

While many commented that they were ready to buy Drake’s half-eaten pizza, there were some who had pertinent questions. A pizza lover wondered if the slice had pineapple on it. Now, that’s priorities. Others commented that it didn’t make sense to them. And then there was a Netizen who even wondered if Drake was broke in the first place.

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Yet another Netizen hilariously commented that they should sell poo of Drake and even that would fetch $1 million depending on its shape. And someone goes on to ask if taking a bite of this celeb pizza slice would make them immortal. And then someone else had a valid condition to shell out bucks on this slice — it should include Drake with it! Fair, ask!

If you’re favourite celebrity auctioned a half-eaten pizza would you go ahead and purchase it as memorabilia?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Lil Yachty/ Instagram