Rare Striped Dolphins Make Their Way To Fujairah After 20 Years

by Yogita Chainani
Rare Striped Dolphins Make Their Way To Fujairah After 20 Years

UAE is known for its majestic skyline, adventurous theme parks and record-breaking malls, but the nation is also known for its wildlife. And when we speak about wildlife, a rare sighting of striped dolphins has been recorded in the UAE for the second time. Well, if you think, what’s so great about it, then you must know that the striped dolphins have been spotted for the second time in the past 20 years. Surprise? Well, here’s everything you must know.

The Fujairah Whale Project Spotted The Striped Dolphin

The Striped Dolphin has been seen in the region for the second time, and it was spotted by The Fujairah Whale Project both times. The Fujairah Whale Project is the first dedicated scientific study of whales and dolphins in Fujairah.

The project posted about this rare sighting on Instagram and stated:

‘It is unknown whether Striped Dolphins are genuinely rare in the region, or whether they simply spend all of their time far from shore where people rarely venture.’

Now ain’t that just super cool? Besides this just four days ago a resident had spotted 200 dolphins about 40km offshore from the Port of Fujairah.

So, if you love wildlife, then we have something else for you too. You can now feed lions at the Al Ain Zoo. You can now get up close and personal with the king of the jungle. You can now fodder the lion by being caged up in an open-air truck, while lions roam around in the vast space.

The Price For Experience Is AED 150 

If you are already super stoked to feed a lion, then you must know that you will climb into the back of the truck, and it will head to straight to the lion’s den for feeding time. And while you feed the lion, you have to keep your hands inside the truck. You will get to experience all sorts of thrills when the lion would climb all over the car to get in the best position to eat.


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Well, you will have a guide and an animal handler with you. They will share all the necessary information about the animals and will also teach you the best way to feed them. If you are really looking forward to trying this then you must know that it will cost you AED 150 per person. The activity is unsuitable for children. Once you sign for the experience, a set of rules to follow throughout the session will be given to you.

For the experience, you can try it in a group of up to five explorers, every Friday and Saturday at 10 AM. Ain’t this just super exciting?