Ready For A Deep Sleep? Head To The World’s Deepest Hotel, 1,375 Ft Below Snowdonia

by Mallika Khurana
Ready For A Deep Sleep? Head To The World’s Deepest Hotel, 1,375 Ft Below Snowdonia

How far would you go to get a good night’s sleep?  Well, 400 metres under the ground is as far as you can go! A brand-new hotel is raising the bar for what constitutes a “deep sleep” by allowing guests to spend the night in mine. Yes, you heard that right! Offering an experience like no other, Deep Sleep is a camping adventure offered by Go Below Underground Adventures.

Spend A Night Sleeping In The World’s Deepest Hotel

The “deepest underground bed” in the world is offered by Deep Sleep in Snowdonia, Wales. In the biggest Victorian slate mine in the world, guests are welcome to spend the night beneath a Welsh mountain. Go for a weekend where you can cut off from civilization under the land with the sounds of water streams as your lullaby. Perfect, right?  The hotel offers four private twin-bed cabins, making them the ideal out-of-this-world camping locations for you and your friends to enjoy. 

Under the Snowdonia mountains in North Wales is a Victorian-era mine. The cabins in these mines are available for rental on Saturday nights through Sunday mornings each week. Its rooms are constructed 1,375 vertical feet beneath the imposing mountains of the park. Before donning helmets and harnesses and entering the mine, visitors must first set out on a 45-minute mountain hike with a guide. 

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You Will Be In For A Deep Sleep

After all of that, guests will be treated to an amazing and elaborate meal as a reward before retiring for the evening. The next morning, you will wake up to a cup of coffee and an indulgent breakfast before you head out home. A teacher and another staff member will also spend the night in the chamber, so you will never have to worry about being alone.

Everyone who has experienced this underground adventure has come out as a huge fan. They appreciate its distinctiveness, the companionship of the evenings, and the sense of being removed from civilization. Deep Sleep is not a hotel, bed and breakfast, or self-catering facility. The overnight stay is a wilderness camping adventure.

If this is not adventurous, what is?

Where: Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog LL41 3TW, United Kingdom
Cost: Starting at £350 (approx. ₹36,863)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Go Below