Reviving 110-YO Race After Over A Decade, Paris Hosts The Famous Race Of Waiters On The Streets

Paris hosted the traditional race of waiters on Sunday.

by Shreya Ghosh
Reviving 110-YO Race After Over A Decade, Paris Hosts The Famous Race Of Waiters On The Streets

How excited are you to enjoy the competitions and sports of the upcoming Paris Olympics? While only a few of us might be present at the venue to witness the grandeur, most of us won’t miss the chance to catch the updates on our mobiles and televisions. Well, Paris has been making grand preparations for the event. Just before the 2024 Summer Olympics, the French capital hosted a race of cafe and restaurant waiters.

Paris Hosted The Race Of Waiters After More Than 10 Years

Taking to the X platform, Hans Solo (@thandojo) shared some pictures of the waiters carrying their trays and participating in this traditional race.

Imagine the hard work of waiters balancing a tray while carrying food orders. Looks smooth but carrying everything and not spilling even a bit is indeed a hard job. Now imagine doing the same but while being in a race. Recently, Paris witnessed the comeback of a 110-year-old famous race where an army of waiters and waitresses joined the event to cover a route of about 2km.

After more than a decade, Paris finally revived the much-awaited tradition of the waters participating in the iconic race on the streets of the French capital. It was on Sunday when the event was hosted and it was an absolute treat for everyone, from participants to viewers witnessing it live. In this renowned legendary race, around 200 waiters and waitresses participated and covered the 2km route by jogging and carrying trays with a croissant, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water. According to a report by CNN, the rule of the event was to jog or speed walk on the track instead of running.

Ghosting Report (@newsbystwnkr) shared many fascinating snippets of the traditional race.

There are tons of myths (sometimes even facts) about French people being moody. Well, we are not saying anything about their personality but we cannot deny how these waiters and waitresses contribute immensely to making France such a spectacular destination. Even in the most humongous crowd, they fulfill their responsibilities mostly without chaos or mess and still manage to enjoy their own time without bothering others.

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What Was The Criteria To Win It?

France in Bangladesh 🇫🇷🇪🇺 (@FRauBangladesh) also shared a beautiful picture of the competition hosted in Paris.

The idea of reviving the 110-year-old traditional race ahead of the upcoming Paris Olympics was indeed a major success. With the participation of about 200 professionals from the French capital city, the world saw them jogging with a tray filled with food while wearing a white shirt paired with black bottoms (skirt or pants). Well, many of us might have previously judged and accused them of not smiling but these pictures clearly show everyone having a wonderful time and smiling in joy.

The entertainment was full on and the best part was the rules of the event. They had to finish the race without spilling anything. While Parisians enjoyed it with glory, waiters and waitresses had to focus and concentrate completely on the trays.

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Have you ever witnessed any sport like this before?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ France in Bangladesh 🇫🇷🇪🇺 (@FRauBangladesh)

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