Ride On India’s First & Only Imperial Age Paddle Streamer The Bengal Paddle On The River Ganga

by Shreya Ghosh
Ride On India’s First & Only Imperial Age Paddle Streamer The Bengal Paddle On The River Ganga

Cruise enthusiasts gear up to experience a cruise ride of a lifetime. Get set to ride on India’s oldest and longest surviving paddle steamer only in Kolkata. It is going to be a beautiful journey like never before. Sailing on the Hooghly River and witnessing the endless views surrounding the heritage paddle streamer surely need to be on your bucket list. If this ride excites you, read on to know all the details.

This is India’s Only Imperial Age Paddle Streamer

paddle streamer
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Named The Bengal Paddle, this will transport you to colonial times. This paddle streamer is from before the years of independence, from 1945, and truly holds the charm of the imperial times. The Barge Company has joined hands with Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust to bring this incredible experience for the patrons to enjoy. The Barge Company worked on this project for over 2 years and re-calibrated and repaired vintage machinery for the colonial experience.

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If you want to see what river transportation looked like decades back from the colonial era, you surely need to check out this river cruise. The journey of this paddle streamer will be unimaginable. Get a glimpse of the ancient glory and historical elements that The Bengal Paddle holds even now after so many decades.

All You Need To Know About The Bengal Paddle River Cruise:

paddle streamer
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  • This paddle streamer can accommodate 500 people at once.
  • Riverine Museum in the cruise’s former boiler room is an iconic experience that you need to witness. It showcases the ancient glory and stories about the paddle steamers sailing on the Hooghly River.
  • The boat features 3 decks: Top Deck, Middle Deck, and Lower Deck.
  • There is also a dedicated area that entirely focuses on treating you to the most delicious food. You will find both indoor and outdoor arrangements serving global cuisines.

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Taking a trip back decades, witnessing expansive views of magical nature, sailing on the Hooghly River, and gorging on delish dishes make the most amazing plan for a winter getaway. Enjoy the chills of the winter season while sailing on the river under the warmth of the winter sun.

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