Rush Racing- Dubai’s First Virtual Racing Experience Is Now Open In Al Barsha, Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Rush Racing- Dubai’s First Virtual Racing Experience Is Now Open In Al Barsha, Dubai

Up for a race? Dubai now has a cool, new venue where you can zoom and show off your racing skills. Rush Racing- UAE’s first premier virtual sim racing venue is now open in Al Barsha. Drive many different cars on a wide selection of world famous tracks in a safe and fun environment. And, the best part- the motion simulators create an immersive sim racing experience, giving you perfect racing feels. Read on to know more.

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Pick Your Car, A Track You Like & Get Zooming

Racers just need to pick a racetrack and a world famous car and enjoy a safe and fun experience. The Sidewinder motion simulators create an immersive sim racing experience replicating the feeling of manoeuvring a race car around a track. Racers will experience sensations from subtle movements, such as body roll and suspension compression, and other thrilling effects, such as traction loss and parallel slides.

Rush Racing operates 10 professional full 6DOF motion simulators that can be operated in standalone or networked mode. Each simulator is built in-house and bring an unrivalled simulator fidelity to your driving experience. Each simulator is equipped with Heusinkveld racing pedals, Fanatac Direct Drive Wheels, 180 degree triple screen displays for full driver immersion.

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What Are The Packages Available?

Racers can pick from six different packages including the quick race, mini GT race, practice race, and hot lap. Each of these are priced at AED 100 for 30 minutes. The GT Race and Custom Race experiences will set you back by AED 150. In addition, Rush Race is also a perfect place for corporate and private events. So, whether its a friend’s birthday party or a corporate team event, there are specific packages available for each.

You can book the venue for half a day (morning or evening) for your private function or event for AED 10,000. Alternatively, you can also book the venue for one whole day for AED 20,000. Lastly, if you wish to keep it simple book an hourly package for AED 1500 per hour.


Location: Shop 59394 Avenues, 1 Street, Al Barsha
Timings: Open daily, 11am-midnight
Contact: 04 591 0910