Saudi Unveils Plan To Launch Railway Project In AlUla By 2027 & Here’s All About It

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Unveils Plan To Launch Railway Project In AlUla By 2027 & Here’s All About It

In the year 2027, Saudi Arabia is set to usher in a new era of sustainable transportation with the launch of the AlUla Train Project. This groundbreaking initiative of trains is a joint effort between The Royal Commission of AlUla (RCU) and sustainable transport experts from Alstom. The project was officially unveiled in October 2023 at the Future Investment Initiative (FII7) forum.

The AlUla Train Project: A Timeless Journey in Saudi Arabia

The Vision
The AlUla Train Project stands as a vital part of the RCU’s “Journey Through Time” masterplan, perfectly aligned with the goals set forth in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. This railway project is set to play a central role in establishing AlUla as a global hub for the arts, heritage, culture, and the natural wonders of the region. Overall, it aims to provide a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience that showcases the area’s rich heritage, vibrant culture, and pristine natural landscapes.

The Route
This awe-inspiring project encompasses a remarkable 22.4-kilometre railway network, featuring an impressive lineup of 17 stations. Additionally, it will serve around 20 trains. The railway will connect AlUla International Airport with five of the region’s major historical districts. Consequently, this journey promises passengers a captivating visual odyssey as they traverse from lush oases to the enchanting desert landscape.

Sustainability Objectives
At the core of the AlUla Train Project lies a commitment to fostering sustainability in the realm of transportation. It seeks to alleviate road congestion, reduce noise pollution, and enhance the overall efficiency of the transportation network. These remarkable trains will run on sustainable electricity, efficiently linking heritage sites and providing tourists with an opportunity to relish the area’s breathtaking natural surroundings.

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The Experience Of A Magnificent Railway Service Crossing The Desert

The AlUla Train has been crafted to offer luxurious tours, effectively covering the most noteworthy aspects of the region. This expansive 22.4-kilometre railway network, complete with its 17 well-appointed stations, will be serviced by a fleet of 20 trains. Also, this underscores the unwavering dedication of the RCU to the cause of sustainable transportation.

In a close partnership with the renowned international transport company Systra, the AlUla Train has carefully designed opulent tours that cover the region’s key features. Overall, the train will connect AlUla International Airport to five important historical areas. It will deliver passengers an extraordinary visual journey from lush oases to the captivating desert. This design displays RCU’s forward-thinking strategy and unwavering dedication to sustainable transportation.

The Royal Commission for AlUla and Thales have joined forces to change AlUla into a distinctive model of economic, social, and environmental development. Also,  it will include top-tier standards in security, sustainability, and well-being for both the city and its visitors.

The AlUla Train Project is a truly exciting development that promises to change travel within Saudi Arabia.

Cover Image Courtesy: Ludovic Pouille/Twitter

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