Saudi Visa: Indian Travellers Need To Adhere To This New Visa Policy While Visiting The Kingdom

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Visa: Indian Travellers Need To Adhere To This New Visa Policy While Visiting The Kingdom

Planning to travel to the kingdom of Saudi? If you belong to India then there’s a new development you need to be aware of before you book your tickets. The Embassy of Saudi recently announced that Indian citizens would no longer need a police clearance certificate. So now plan your trip without the stress of running for clearance.

Visa Requirements Changed For Indian Citizens Travelling To Saudi

According to a tweet from the Saudi embassy in India, Indians no longer need a police clearance certificate in order to obtain a visa. The significantly faster procedure, smoother handling by tour companies, and one fewer document for travellers to deal with. These would be the tangible results of Saudi Arabia’s decision to get rid of police clearance for visas.

The embassy expressed its gratitude for the assistance provided by the more than 2 million Indian people who live harmoniously in the kingdom.

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What Is Police Clearance Certificate?

Police Cleareance
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Indian passport holders who have sought residency rights, a job, a long-term visa, or immigration need to obtain this visa. Individuals travelling overseas on a tourist visa are not eligible for this certificate.

The new regulations should hasten the visa registration process for Indian nationals. While one less document to provide, the visa offices make decisions more quickly, allowing travellers to help organize their journeys to Saudi Arabia.

The orders by the Saudi Embassy will come into effect on an immediate basis so travellers can plan their trips to the kingdom.

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