Saudia Airlines Catches Fire, Makes Emergency Landing At Peshawar Airport,Pakistan; All 297 Aboard Safely Evacuated

Flight catches fire on Peshawar Airport, Pakistan.

by Deeplata Garde
Saudia Airlines Catches Fire, Makes Emergency Landing At Peshawar Airport,Pakistan; All 297 Aboard Safely Evacuated

Passengers aboard on Saudia Airlines flight experienced an unexpected ordeal when their aircraft caught fire during its landing at Peshawar airport on Thursday. According to initial reports, the incident was triggered by a malfunction in the landing gear system. The aircraft, carrying 276 passengers and 21 crew members, was en route from Riyadh to Peshawar when the situation unfolded.

No Casualties Reported By Saudia Airlines

Despite the dramatic turn of events, all 297 individuals aboard the flight were safely evacuated. Visual evidence shared by Global Defense Insight depicted charred sections of the aircraft, underscoring the intensity of the incident. The images circulated on social media showed significant damage, but fortunately, no one was harmed.

Swift Action Saves The Day Of 276 Passengers And 21 Crew Members

The Air Traffic Controller’s prompt response was pivotal in averting a potential disaster. Upon detecting the issue, they swiftly alerted the pilot and coordinated with Fire and Rescue Services. The emergency teams arrived in record time, extinguishing the fire and preventing what could have been a major catastrophe. Their swift intervention ensured the fire was extinguished promptly, preventing further escalation and ensuring the safety of all onboard.

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The Great Slide Escape

Utilising the plane’s inflatable slides, all 276 passengers and 21 crew members executed a smooth evacuation. The emergency slides were deployed, and passengers made their great escape, sliding to safety and leaving behind the smouldering aircraft. This evacuation concluded the flight’s journey with a dramatic exit in Peshawar, marking a close call in aviation safety. Although some nerves may have been frayed, everyone emerged unscathed from the incident.

While the situation posed significant risks, the coordinated efforts of aviation personnel ensured a safe outcome for all onboard. The quick thinking and efficiency displayed by the Air Traffic Controller and emergency response teams highlight the critical role of rigorous safety protocols in aviation operations. The event could have ended disastrously, but thanks to their efforts, it became a story of survival.

As investigations into the incident proceed, it is likely to prompt a review of landing gear procedures and safety protocols. This close call will undoubtedly lead to a re-examination of safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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