“Shell Petrol Bunk Is This Generation’s Empire Hotel In Bengaluru,” Says X User & The Internet Agrees Wholeheartedly!

An X (formerly Twitter) user said that Shell petrol bunks with their good filter coffee and omelettes are amazing spots to chill late at night.

by Tashika Tyagi
“Shell Petrol Bunk Is This Generation’s Empire Hotel In Bengaluru,” Says X User & The Internet Agrees Wholeheartedly!

When you think about chilling with your friends late at night, you think about partying at a pub, long drives, or hanging out in a cafe! What you don’t think about is chilling in a petrol bunk! However, it looks like Shell petrol bunks are emerging as the ultimate late-night hangout spot for Bengaluru folks! An X (formerly Twitter) user talked about this emerging trend in Bengaluru and many people agreed with him.

Shell Petrol Bunks Are Now A Late Night Hangout Spot For Bengalureans

A man on X (formerly Twitter) asked for recommendations from Bengalureans on late-night hangout places. His criteria was that the place should have “street-side, relaxing and chill vibes.” One of the most interesting answers to his post was – Shell petrol bunks! X user, @devaiahPB, recommended this and talked about the growing trend of hanging out at these fuel stations for their 24/7 cafes.

He called Shell petrol bunks the “Empire Hotel of this generation” and how it is finding a “way into Bangalore’s pop culture.” The post even mentioned how the coffee and omelette served at these cafes are quite amazing. He mentioned that these petrol bunks are “strangely therapeutic” if you’re alone and have a “good vibe” when you’re surrounded by your friends.

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Bengaluru Folks Agree Wholeheartedly To This Trend!

 Shell petrol bunks
Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

Many people from Bengaluru commented on this post and agreed with the growing trend of hanging out at Shell petrol bunks. Some compared it to other 24/7 services available in other cities while others called out how this shows the lack of good options in the city! Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.

A lot more fun is happening at these Shell petrol pumps than we could imagine!

People had another point of view on this as well.

Bengaluru folks really have some creative and quirky late-night hangout spots! Where else can you hang out in the city with your friends after midnight? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels, X/@AabhashK & Canva (representative image)

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