“SNIP SNIP HOORAY”! Wife Made Her Husband A Super Punny Vasectomy Care Basket & We’re Speechless

by Shreya Rathod
“SNIP SNIP HOORAY”! Wife Made Her Husband A Super Punny Vasectomy Care Basket & We’re Speechless

There is nothing more beautiful than having kids. However, it is a decision that couples should make for themselves. So, after having three children, when the husband got a vasectomy, his wife supported him by making a care basket with quirky goodies and playing nurse till he healed.

Watch: Wife Makes Care Basket For Her Husband After His Vasectomy!

The NY Post reported that Ashley, a mother of three, made the best of her husband’s vasectomy celebration! She made a care basket for him during his recovery as she was “playing the nurse”. According to her Instagram post, it was the end of an era. And since her husband was healing and she was playing nurse, she was looking for ideas on Pinterest for the care basket.

The video she had posted featured her making quirky gifts. She started by drawing what looked like a sperm and wrote words like “shooting”, “no more”, etc. Then, she posted these cutouts on candy and other food boxes. So the gifts read “No more kids”, “sorry about your ding dong”, “shooting duds” and more.

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Apart from these, there were “unlimited creme pies”, “worry free lays”, “nonuts” and “no more dew dates.” She put everything together in a basket that said “SNIP SNIP HOORAY.” It was a sweet and loving gesture from a wife to her husband.

Netizens Were In Awe Of This Basket

vasectomy care basket
Credits: @ashjustine/ Instagram

Netizens congratulated her and were impressed by her basket. One of the users shared her experience stating that she had made a cake for her husband with lemons on top of it. It said “All juice and no seeds.” Her husband loved the cake and the balloons she got that said “Congrats, no baby.”

Another user stated that the unlimited cream pies are what convinced him. A user congratulated and welcomed her to the “no limit” club. A woman shared that her husband is also having a vasectomy and she’s thinking of making a basket too.

Another woman shared her experience stating that 2 years after her husband had a vasectomy, they welcomed their third daughter.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @ashjustine/ Instagram