Students, Live Your Travel Dream With YHAI Pre-curated And Cheap Travel Packages Starting At ₹7,500

by Shreya Rathod 131

Do you dream of travel but fear its effect on your pocket? Well, you don’t have to anymore, as the Youth Hostel Association Of India has a solution for this. The association gives you a chance to live your dream of travelling and is quite affordable, especially if you are a student— with cheap fees and great programmes for people who want to explore and take on adventures.

Youth Hostel Association Of India

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Credits: Youth Hostel Association Of India/ Instagram

According to many, travelling is educational and necessary for youngsters. To make it accessible, YHAI has taken the initiative to introduce various programmes for travel enthusiasts, from cycling to various destinations to trekking. Their goal is to create safe and affordable travel plans so that young people can pursue their dream.

Many programmes are arranged by them starting at ₹7,500 per person. This includes lodging, food, and boarding expenses as well. Moreover, these travel plans are for at least four nights which makes the holiday even more special. Also, the accommodation is at their hostel itself.

Besides this, the association has eleven nights of travel programmes where that cover two or more destinations. This includes travel expenses, food, accommodation, and other activities. Since it is a per-person trip, they have created batches for people.

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Memberships are Always A Good Idea

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Credits: Youth Hostel Association Of India/ Instagram

The Youth Hostel Association Of India has some special New Year exclusive plans for travel enthusiasts. For ₹3,000, you can be a lifetime member. They are also offering memberships as low as ₹100 annually for the age group of 11-18 years old. Whereas those above the age of eighteen have to pay ₹200 per year.

With the membership plans, you can have benefits such as discounts on accommodation at their hostels in more than 150 Indian locations. Moreover, you can use the membership card internationally as well. There are more than 3300 locations around the globe.

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Planning your trips with YHAI guarantees that you are accompanied by people who are experts in forest and mountain trekking and can find their way around it.

Cover Image Courtesy: Youth Hostel Association Of India/ Instagram