Sunday Brunch Ep 29: Rohit Saraf Proves Why He Deserves To Be A National Crush On Fun Dating Quiz

by Trishana Goswami

He has got good looks, he’s got a cute smile and he’s got the girls of India crushing on him. So on this #ValentinesDay special Sunday Brunch, we invite the national crush of India, @RohitSaraf to Luna at @St Regis.
Our Editor-in-chief @Kamiya Jani test his dating skills, play a fund quiz with him to know if he is worth being the #FutureHusband ;) With his #netflix release like #Ludo & #Mismatched, the year 2020 has been a year of Rohit Saraf.
Watch Rohit talking about Nepal, his birth-place, the importance of women in his life and to fall in love all over again on this special episode.