Surkus- Dubai’s Newest Online Food Delivery App Delivers FREE Food Throughout March

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Surkus- Dubai’s Newest Online Food Delivery App Delivers FREE Food Throughout March

Sitting indoors can be quite an ordeal, we agree! The only saving grace in most homes right now is Netflix and online food delivery services. But ordering online is not easy on the pocket always. In order to help the situation and make life easy for residents, Dubai has now launched a new app called Surkus. The app delivers free meals for the whole month, from over 20 homegrown restaurants in the city.  Ins’t that a BIG savior?

What’s It?

Foodies can order food from select restaurants through the app after which your order will be delivered by Zomato- their delivery partner. And if you’re wondering how this comes for free, you just need to follow two simple steps: review the restaurant on Zomato and submit a proof to Surkus. Your refund will then be directly credited to your PayPal account. The refund typically takes one to two days to reach your PayPal account.

As for the food option, there’s a little something for every foodie. From healthy salads and poke bowls to burgers, and other cheat meals there’s a lot you can pick from. Members are allowed to order one free delivery per day from multiple restaurants. Once you receive the meal, submit a screenshot of your Zomato review through a portal. This is then approved for refund. The rebate amount varies with each restaurant so be sure to check the terms and conditions before you place an order.

The deal runs though the month of March, so you don’t have to skip savoring your favourite dishes, while staying indoors.

Download Surkus App here. @surkusuae

What Else?

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to binge on some ‘healthy’ junk, Demons & Angels have smartly converted cheat day meals to guilt-free dishes that can be enjoyed throughout the week. Tuck into pizzas and burgers that are both healthy and heavenly.

The restaurant is currently available for delivery through the Deliveroo app and features over 20 delicious, guilt-free options, for foodies to binge within the comfort of their home. You can binge on a range of healthy alternatives to high-carb meals- which means you can tuck into cauliflower bun burgers, breakfast sandwiches, cauliflower-based pizzas, and much more.

The restaurant makes meals suitable for both vegans or gluten-intolerant customers. And that’s not all! In case you don’t find your favourite on the ala carte, customize your meal, as per your tastebuds. Make a perfect pie or try the classic and curated options such as Truffle, Spicy Vegetarian, Spicy Meat Eater and Greek pizzas.

The pizzas and burgers are made with fresh ingredients, proteins, and of course, smothered with melted regular or vegan cheese. To finish off the guilt-free experience, indulge in sweet low-carb desserts like the Choco Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Carb Free Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, all made with real cauliflower. That definitely sounds like a healthy binge, right?