Tattoos For The Souls Who Wanderlust

by Akriti Seth
Tattoos For The Souls Who Wanderlust

I know! I know! Travel is your soulmate and you are committed to travel, hard core. We’re talking about taking this commitment to another level. A TRAVEL TATTOO.

We all know how a tattoo, if you get one lives with you and dies with you. I mean, it stays on your body for good. I’ve always fancied people who get tattoos. I say if you are a globetrotter, take this step of showing off your dedication to travel with a super cool tattoo.

This is only if you fancy getting inked and travelling is your bae. Go on! Keep scrolling and let us know in comments section if you fell in love with one.

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1. Less Is More

With all the minimal tattoos in trend. Here’s a few for you to be inspired:

Planes to keep you soaring high.

Picture Credits: Tattoo Blend |

For the lover of mountains and sea | A Glyph thats symbolises ‘EXPLORE’

Picture Credits: | Lauren Stanford

2. Carry Your Passport On You

Picture Credits:

3. With A Nice Font Define Yourself

Picture Credits: | |

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4. Or Go Crazy With Colors

Picture Credits: | Trendy Tattoo |

5. These Super Realist Ones Are Pretty Cool Too

Picture Credits: | Tattoospace | FindTattooDesign

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6. These Brilliantly Intricate Ones 

Picture Credits: Tattoo trends |

Personal Advice: Don’t go for something you’re not sure of because it is going to stay on you, ALL YOUR LIFE. Though for me it’s a tattoo for every place I’ve been to.

Cheers to art and travel. Hope you like these!


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