Tejasswi Prakash: New Comers Are Scrutinised More In Bollywood & TV Industries| Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Tejasswi Prakash: New Comers Are Scrutinised More In Bollywood & TV Industries| Curly Tales

A television actor, reality star and now a Marathi film debutant – Tejasswi Prakash, surely, is a rising star. But how was her journey in this mega industry? In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, we are exploring South Mumbai with her and Kamiya Jani, Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief. Join us on this ride and hear Tejasswi Prakash talk about her television career, acting journey, and much more.

Tejasswi Prakash’s Television Journey

While riding the lanes of South Bombay, Kamiya asked Tejasswi about her career switch from engineering to acting. On this, the latter replied that she was in college and studying engineering. However, she had no idea what her goal or career was. But her main goal was to travel and study aeronautical engineering and being a pilot was suitable. But she participated in the Bombay Times’ Fresh Face contest and won in Mumbai. Then she got a call for an audition for a daily soap. It was her mom’s idea to try the audition, for which she got selected. And that was the beginning of her acting career.

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Scrutiny In The Industry

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When asked about her parent’s reaction to her career choice, she recalls that her mother used to accompany her all the time for the shoot. However, her father still thinks of this as a hobby and advises her to carry on with post-graduation studies. She confesses to having a bad feeling every time she goes to award functions and events. After winning Bigg Boss and a leading role in the daily soap Naagin, she has a feeling of not being welcomed. Every person in a room is scrutinising and judging you in every way. She further adds that every newcomer in the industry is scrutinised more than others. Their speaking skills, knowledge, dressing, and economic status are judged and analysed way too much.

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For more information about Tejasswi’s acting journey, tune in to the video linked above.

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