Thanks To Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Drives, Travelling To India Is Very Safe Says The Govt

by Sanmita A
Thanks To Massive COVID-19 Vaccination Drives, Travelling To India Is Very Safe Says The Govt

After opening its borders to international tourists and travellers, India has seen a huge tourism boost. Yes, people have started travelling; as seen in the current trends, people are travelling freely once again after the pandemic stopped travel for two long years. The government said India had seen a massive surge in tourism, especially after the COVID-19 vaccination drive. Read on to know what’s next in India’s tourism plans.

COVID-19 Vaccination Surge is Boosting Tourism In India

COVID-19 vaccination drives have enabled India’s tourism sector to grow and host more travellers worldwide. India is bouncing back from the crisis that it was going through in the past two years of the pandemic. International and domestic tourism is also contributing to the growth of the tourism industry. The country has done tremendously well in terms of vaccination, as shared by government officials. Further, the tourism departments in various states of the country ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to further the growth of tourism and travel prospects in the country.

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Kerala Wins Responsible Tourism Global Award

At the World Travel Market 2022 event, the state of Kerala also received the Responsible Tourism Global Award. The state received the award for being responsible for hosting travellers and tourists while the entire world was reeling under the pandemic. The event took place in London from Nov 7 to Nov 9, 2022. During the event, India exhibited itself as one of the favourites of the world’s tourists and travellers. The theme of this world exhibition was ”The Future of Travel Starts Now”.

With such participation and developments in India’s tourism industry, it won’t be long before the country tops in, being the hot spot for tourists worldwide.

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