“The Legend” Shoaib Akhtar Shared His Love For Chandni Chowk With Kamiya Jani And We’re Hooked

by Mallika Khurana
“The Legend” Shoaib Akhtar Shared His Love For Chandni Chowk With Kamiya Jani And We’re Hooked

Known for his impeccable bowling speed that used to amaze the audience every time he stepped onto the field, Shoaib Akhtar is nothing short of a legend. Shoaib is a former Pakistani cricketer who not only garnered respect in his country but also won hearts all across the globe. His skills were unmatchable and his spirit unbeatable. Bringing that same zeal to the Legend’s League Cricket in Qatar, it is going to be great watching him play again. To tell us more about his experiences and his love for India, he joined our Editor-in-Chief on this episode of The Legends.

Shoaib Akhtar Is A Hard-Core Foodie Who Loves Indian Street Food

Coming from a Punjabi Muslim family, we could tell how big a foodie he is. To elaborate on it, he shared that he is born to eat, and Aloo Keema is one dish he can have any time of the day. He also shared that, in addition to eating, he also loves to host and feed people with loads of good food. He always ends up ordering too much to make sure it’s never less.

Talking about his favourite food items from India, he revealed that he loves Dosa, Vada pav, and Bhel Puri and has them every time he comes here. Like a true foodie, he has also been through the streets of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi and has tasted all the delicacies served there. To make sure he wasn’t recognised by his fans when he went there, he wore a cap and a fake beard.

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He Also Talked About His Future Plans

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We have all seen him play on the field and loved him for his skills. However, feelings were really mixed every time he played against India. Talking more about his relationship with the Indian players, he shared that, no matter what happened on the field or who won, in the dressing room, everyone was completely normal.

Addressing his future plans, Shoaib Akhtar revealed that he was content with his career as a cricketer. He shared that we will find him leading a normal life and being a normal father to his children. Given his fitness and age, he stepped away from the field and has invested in a few businesses that he thinks have growth. 

In this episode, he shared a lot more about his life at home, the beginning of his journey as a professional cricket player, and more. Learn more about it all in the full episode above.

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