These Changes Have Been Suggested For Chennai Airport’s New Integrated Terminal

by Anupriya Mishra
These Changes Have Been Suggested For Chennai Airport’s New Integrated Terminal

Let’s be honest, the way an airport is constructed plays a major role in defining the start of one’s journey. As such, a swanky airport with all the facilities has the power to put a passenger in good mood and at ease for their impending travel. And all this can be expected from the new Integrated Terminal Building. However, it may have to go through some tests and tweaking as suggested by the airline operators committee (AOC) members. Here’s all you need to know about the 100-point suggestions report submitted to the Airports Authority of India.

Change To Be Made At Chennai Airport’s New Integrated Terminal?

The swanky new golden terminal at Chennai Airport has been in the news for its beautiful architecture. However, before international flights could be shifted to this terminal, the airline operators committee submitted a report with 100-point suggestions. So, according to a news report by Times Now News, the members of the committee recently participated in a walk-through of the new terminal, after which they suggested these changes.

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What Do The Suggestions Include?

Here’s a glimpse of some of the changes suggested by the members to the Airports Authority of India.

  • Airlines have requested a floor-mounted flight information system, near entry gates.
  • They have requested two domestic-to-international transfer counters.
  • They have made a request to add four additional check-in counters on each island on the departure floor of the terminal.
  • A request for more passengers seating has been made near the boarding gates.
  • They have asked for priority counters to be installed.
  • The committee suggested that the custom hand baggage scanning area lacks space, which might lead to congestion. To tackle this they have suggested relocation.

Morover, these suggestions come at a time when the trial flights at this new terminal are set to begin on April 25. With the trial flights, the Airports Authority of India will get a better understanding of all the changes that need to be made for improving the passenger experience.

Talking about the airport, this swanky new terminal spans a massive area of 2,20,972 square metres. And it will cater to the growing air traffic of Tamil Nadu. Moreover, the outstanding decor of the terminal is sure to make you reach out for your smartphone to click some beautiful pictures for your social media feed.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/MoCA_GoI