These Renowned Dubai Restaurants Are Coming To Al Qana Waterfront, Abu Dhabi

Al Qana
by Deeplata Garde

Al Qana has become our favourite leisure destination in Abu Dhabi. And if you were missing out on restaurants from Dubai then don’t fret as many of them are coming to this waterfront. Yes, you heard it right, Al Qana is getting a plethora of restaurants from Dubai and we can’t be happier about it. It’s time to visit the hottest destination of Abu Dhabi to relish some scrumptious dishes.

Dubai’s Dining Scenes Is Coming To Abu Dhabi


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Al Qana is the capital’s most vibrant waterfront district and perhaps the most prominent address in the emirate. The waterfront welcomes some of the best Dubai restaurants.

Here’s the list of restaurants that will feature at this waterfront. Terra Eatery, which reinvents Mediterranean cuisine with influences from travel, culture, art, and people. Slaw, the Emirati burger joint that has established itself among burger hotspots in Dubai is the next one. And Al Safadi Restaurant will open its full flagship concept in Abu Dhabi in the coming months. These are among the upcoming dining encounters.

Another on the list is the well-known Grand Beirut, which serves delectable Lebanese cuisine influenced by the country’s art and culture. Thai Gate is a restaurant where the love of seafood is evident in Asian cuisine. Simitci Dunyasi a Turkish traditional bakery and breakfast café restaurant is renowned in Dubai and will be coming to Abu Dhabi. It will launch its first location in the United Arab Emirates near Al Qana.

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Al Qana Is Renowned For Its Dining Scene


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Al Qana has been chosen to be a hub of connection and an essential component of Abu Dhabi society. The addition of well-known Dubai restaurant chains and well-known dining concepts enhances Abu Dhabi’s dynamic eating scene and inspires pride in our extensive menu.

We will get closer to our aim of establishing an interconnected community via mutually beneficial experiences as a result of the addition of these new restaurant brands, which will strengthen and broaden the selection of already award-winning F&B concepts. So if you are one foodie that can’t visit Dubai, Al Qana will become your new favourite destination.

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